About Maryland's REDEEM Act

The REDEEM Act provides Maryland residents with a fresh start by allowing certain cannabis-related convictions to be expunged. If your future is hindered by past offenses, Shore Legal Access is here to guide you through the process of clearing your record.

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What is Expungement, Exactly?

Employment Opportunities

Expungement allows for numerous employment opportunities to those that clean their records.

Housing Options

By going through the expungement process, you open up your ability to secure housing for you and your family.

Educational Benefits

opening up educational opportunities previously not available to people with criminal records.

Expungement is the legal process of removing a criminal conviction from public view. Under the REDEEM Act, individuals with certain cannabis convictions can apply to have these records expunged, meaning they won’t show up in most background checks.

This process can offer numerous benefits:

  • “Criminal Record Clearance: Expungement effectively clears the offense from your criminal record as if it never occurred.”
  • “Enhanced Employment Opportunities: With a cleared record, individuals can pursue job opportunities without the stigma of a past conviction.”
  • “Educational Benefits: Expungement opens doors to educational programs that may be restricted to those with criminal histories.”
  • “Housing Opportunities: Expungement can improve your chances of securing housing by removing potential barriers caused by background checks.”
  • “Personal Confidence: Achieving expungement can restore personal confidence and peace of mind, knowing that past cannabis offenses won’t hold you back.”

How Can We Help?

Our experienced team at Shore Legal Access offers personalized assistance to determine if you qualify for expungement under the REDEEM Act. We provide comprehensive support from the initial assessment to the final clearing of your record.

See if You Qualify